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Introduction to basic woodturning techniques

I will here describe some of the basic techniques used in woodturning. I will also give instruction for a number of different turning projects. I describe how I do - one of the fascinating things about woodturning is, in my opinion, that most things can be done in several ways. Some books or instrutors tell that what they show is the correct way to do a specific task, whereas others shows other ways to do it, that may work as well or better for you. Trying different techniques is a good way of learning, and you will find out, what works best for you. Most instructions are based on the use of a scroll chuck, but, usually, alternatives are suggested.

Basic woodturning techniques:
The elements of the lathe
Techniques to mount the wood in the lathe
How to use the different tools
Turning with and against the grain
What speed to use
Sharpening the tools

Bowl from dry wood
Bowl from green (fresh) wood
Spinning top
Rattle with loose rings
Box with lid
Turning asymmetrical objects

Suggestions for further projects:
Ideas for further turning projects .

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