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Examples of what I have turned

As a upplement to the photos spread on the pages of this site I here show more photos of what I have turned for inspiration to your design process and to give you more ideas for turning projects.

At most photos you can get information on size, type of wood, finishing etc by rolling the mouse pointer over the photo. You can click photos with a frame to get a larger image or a view from antoher angle. Some items are photographed together with a danish standard pocket matchbox (5.8x3.6x1.7 cm) to show the size.

On this page I only show turned objects. Click here to see wooden non-turned objects I have made and here to see examples of what I have made from other materials.

You may jump directly to:
Bowls and plates,   Boxes,   Others items for daily use,   Toys,   Jewellery etc.,  

Items for decoration only:

In the beginning I only made things of practical use, toys and jewellery. Later I started to turn objects that have no practical use and are solely for decoration.

Bowls and plates:


Other items of daily use:



Photos of non-turned wooden objects

Photos of non-wooden objects

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