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Suggestions for turning projects

Maybe you think that you have turned enough bowls and you want to turn something else? Here are a lot of suggestions. You may also find ideas for turning projects in books, magazines, on my page with photos of some of my turning projects or on other websites. You may find links to interesting woodturning sites on my page with links or use a search engine such as Google.

Kitchen utensils:
Trays, Dish mats, Lemon squeezers, Drip catchers for bottles, Boxes, Dishes, Coasters, Bottle stoppers, Old-fashioned clothes-pegs, Honey spoons, Handles for bottle openers/cheese slicers/knives/..., Rolling pins, Jars, Kitchen roll stands, Mortars and pestles, What-nots, Decorative rings and discs for lids for jam jars etc., Salt/pepper/sugar cellars/shakers, Salt/pepper/coffee grinders, Napkin rings, Spoons/ladles, Cutting boards, Bowls, Egg cups.
Parts for furniture etc.:
Spindles, Flower stands, Knobs, Furniture legs, Hat stands/clothes trees, Stools.
Other useful things:
Flagpoles and knobs for those (small for the table are easiest), Nesting boxes, Bird feeders, Hats, Crotchet hooks, Hand mirrors, Handles for tools, Pegs/coat hooks, Bobbins, Pens, pencils etc., Mallets, Lamps, Lamp shades, Candle sticks, Massage rolls, Keyrings, Needle cases, Pipes, Frames, Spinning wheels, Hourglass holders, Clocks, Vases (with glass inserts or for dried flowers).
Toys and games:
Bats (for baseball and other games), Kendamas and similar toys, Diabolos, Figurines (humans/animals), Flutes/wind instruments, Wheels for toy cars, Handles for skipping ropes/jump ropes etc., Skittles (pins and balls), Mattes and balls for croquet, Balls, Maracas, Babies' rattles, Spinning tops, Money boxes, Gaming pieces (for e.g. draughts, chess, ludo, backgammon, etc.), 'Magic wands', Yo-yos.
Bracelets, Brooches, Buckles, Rings, Hair slides, Pearls and pendants for necklaces, Earrings.
Decorative items:
Cups, Fruits, Birds, Christmas trees, Chinese balls etc., Christmas ornaments, Mushrooms, 'Vases' and decorative pots, Wall decorations, All sorts of sculptures.

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